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Level 1

   Level 1 (Grades  3rd - 6th)

  • Student Textbook contains 12 lessons, 12 quizzes and 12 hands-on activities.
    Sample lesson from the Level 1 Volcano textbook
    Sample activity from the Level 1 Sedimentary Rocks textbook
  • CDs  are digitalized student textbooks on PDF files which can be used on any computer that has downloaded the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • DVDs contain video lessons taught by the author that supplements information in the textbook. The DVDs do not contain  information on the quizzes or activities found in the regular textbooks.
  •  Units of study Each textbook is designed to be completed in one month by students studying science three days per week.
  • Teacher's manuals have recently been revised. Pages at the front of the textbook for each lesson includes: main points of lesson, vocabulary list with definitions, activity information and correlation with national science standards.
  • Click on the unit's title below each picture of the picture for pricing, ordering and general information.

Level 1 Igneous Rocks

Level 1 Sedimentary Rocks

Level 1 Metamorphic Rocks

Level 1 Minerals

Level 1 Rock Cycle

Level 1 Volcano

Level 1 Earth Science

Rock and Mineral Identification

Level 1 Earthquakes

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