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We are a company that provides quality Earth Science materials for people interested in learning about the natural world around them. We believe that every child is a budding scientist and it is our goal to provide quality hands-on materials for them. Every lesson has a fun hands-on activity that reinforces the information learned in  the lesson. 

All of our materials are in harmony with the Christian belief system and have been used by home schooling families throughout the United States. Our materials have been recommended by a number of authors including  More Charlotte Mason Education - A home Schooling How -To Manual by Catherine Levison.

We have three levels of science materials for homeschooling parents and classroom teachers.

  • PreK - 2nd grade science materials are fun-filled activity books with 15 illustrated activities in each book. Our activity books provide home schooling families with materials that are fun and easy to do for all ages.
  •  The Level 1 science materials are designed for students in third through sixth grade. They contain 12 lessons, quizzes and hands-on activities. Each unit is designed to last one month.
  •  The Level 2 science materials are designed for students in middle school and high school. The lessons are longer and contain more in-depth information about each topic in the textbook. Each books contains 16 lessons, quizzes and hands-on activities. Units are designed to be completed in six weeks. All six units are needed for a year of Earth Science credit. Students wishing credit for a semester of Earth Science can complete any three of the units.

Semester courses
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Course 1 Rock & Mineral
Identification Unit

Course 2 - L1 Earth Science

Course 3 - L2  Rock  Cycle 
Volcanoes, Earthquakes

Course 4 - L2 The Oceans
Space, Earth Science


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Ring of Fire proudly features materials created by Myrna Martin who was named the 2007 Science Textbook Publishing  Professional of the Year.

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